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Welcome and thanks for visiting my website!

First of all, let me say that small is best!  At Kathy's Clever Kidz Tutoring (K-6) it's just me and the kids!  Teaching is my passion and helping children to learn is the aim of my business.  It's my belief that teachers need to love their profession and be able to assist children to discover their own particular way to enjoy learning. 

Whether it's a quality school readiness program for preschoolers (4-5 year olds) or one-to-one primary school English and Maths tuition (Kindergarten to Year 6) you require, Clever Kidz provides the best value and service.  As a qualified teacher I know the value of education for a child's future.  My qualifications also include special needs teaching and ESL for learners from non-English speaking backgrounds.  All children have the right to receive the best education possible and we must not let any perceived difficulties hinder that process. 

All my tutoring and school readiness programs are conducted from my air conditioned home studio at North Rocks in Sydney - a dedicated learning space, devoted entirely to the pursuit of quality education. 

Whether you're looking for a little assistance or a lot; help with homework or you have a child with special needs, I can design a program to meet the specific need.  Similarly, if you're wishing to prepare your child for 'big school' or simply want to provide them with more challenging work while they wait to start school, my programs are designed to cater appropriately.  

Schools are busy places where little individual attention from the teacher is possible.  Similarly, large tutoring organisations can be very impersonal and inflexible in their approach, with little real control over the quality of the tutoring provided.  For those reasons, one-to-one tutoring from the same qualified tutor is the best option.  There are no fill-in tutors, no contracts to sign, no books to buy, no rigid timetables, no inflexible course structure or content, no loss of fees. 

Instead, I offer:
*  a reliable service with the same tutor
*  a verbal agreement regarding the duration of the tuition
*  included resources
*  flexibility of attendance date/time, where necessary - including make up lessons
*  lesson content according to particular needs of the student
*  flexible payment options

Personal feedback, which includes advice on ways to help the child improve their performance, is also given after each lesson. 

I invite you to have a look around the website for further information and if there is anything you would like clarified, please feel free to contact me today!

Fine Motor Skills

Manipulating small object as well as using creativity to problem solve.


Using imagination to create stories; reading; grammar; punctuation; spelling; comprehension.


Confidence with all aspects of mathematics; logical thinking; creative problem solving.